Art and Design

Art and Science Factory
A Science of Cities
Complexification – Gallery of Computation
Complexity and Chaos Theory in Art
John Edmark 3D Printed Sculpture Videos
Jurgen Schmidhuber – Low-Complexity Art
Heart of the Art
Smart Cities

Blogs and Magazines

Adaptive Complexity
Center for Complexity Education
Complexity Digest
Computational Complexity
DP Bruin – adaptive networks
Dynamical Systems Magazine
Economplex – The intersection of economics and complexity science
Embracing Complexity
From Poverty to Power – Complexity tag
ENFOlDing – Global Dynamics & Complex Systems
ICREA – Complex Systems Lab blog
Patterns In Nature
Sociology and Complexity blog
Simulating Complexity
Rethinking Complexity
Solving For Pattern
The Far Side of Complexity
Understanding Society


Altarum Institute – systems research for better health
Cognitive Edge – making sense of complexity in order to act
Eurobios – managing complexity sciences
Hewlett Packard Labs – advanced research
IBM Research – the world is our laboratory
Icosystem – building predictive analytics solutions
Natural Motion – creating the next generation of mobile games
Quarndon Cognition – bring your technology to life
SoarTech – building intelligent systems
Wolfram – computation meets knowledge


Codynamics – an introduction to the basic concepts of complexity science
Complexity Concepts Glossary
Complexity Explorer
Fractal Geometry – tutorial
TED: Ideas worth spreading
The Golden Number


Advances In Complex Systems
Artificial Life
Artificial Societies and Social Simulation
Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science
Complex Systems
Complicity: An International Journal of Complexity and Education
Computational Biology
Dynamical Systems – An International Journal
Emergence: Complexity & Organization
International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos
Journal of Computational Science
Journal on Policy and Complex Systems
Nonlinear Dynamics, Psychology, and Life Sciences
Nonlinear Phenomena In Complex Systems
Swarm Intelligence
Systems Science and Complexity

Research Centres

Bath Institute for Complex Systems (BICS)
Bristol Centre for Complexity Sciences
Calgary – Complexity Science Group
FAU – Center for Complex Systems and Brain Sciences
GMU – Center for Social Complexity
Imperial – Centre for Complexity Science
Michigan – Center for the Study of Complex Systems
New England Complex Systems Institute
Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems
Reading – Cybernetics
Santa Fe Institute
Southampton – Complexity Science Focus
Sussex – Informatics
Tokyo – Complexity Science and Engineering
Warwick – Centre for Complexity Science


Complexity Society
Complex Systems Society
Cybernetics Society

Software and Online Tools

Atlas of Complexity
ComplexityX – complex networks
Cytoscape: Network Data Integration, Analysis, and Visualization in a Box
Eclipse – open source developing
Gephi – visualization and exploration
Golly – cellular automata app
Human Protein Atlas
MASON – Multi-Agent Simulator of Neighbourhoods
MATSim – Multi-Agent Transport Simulation
Mechismo – protein interaction discovery tool
NetLogo – multi-agent modeling
Occam – Discrete Multivariate Modeling Tool
Repast Suite – agent modeling and simulation
Perceptron – Video feedback engine
Swarm Chemistry – simulator
The Atlas of Economic Complexity
VCell – The Virtual Cell
Whole Cell Viz
XaoS – fast interactive fractal zoomer