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Pinterest is one of our favourite tools for finding and sharing complexity info here at Complexity Simplicity. The social media site allows users to create boards on specific topics and Pin useful posts to them, which can then be discovered by followers and searchers alike. It’s rather like showing people a constantly updated scrapbook in real time and is particularly good for those who prefer a strong visual element to their learning.

Our Pinterest account has thirteen boards at the moment including complexity science, fractal art, nautilus, fibonacci and the golden ratio, complexity in pop culture, biological systems, patterns in nature, patterns in space, networks, evolution, beautiful geometry, universal basics, and complexity art.

The individual pins that fill the various boards are a chance for an image to pique someone’s curiosity or capture their imagination. It could be simply a great photo of a natural phenomenon or an iconic image of complexity such as our own nautilus shell. In other cases it might be an image that draws you into clicking through to a helpful article. Meanwhile some of the most useful pins are of infographics that encapsulate key principles of a topic in a visual format.

We hope everyone joins us on Pinterest and starts sharing their great finds.

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