Fractal Art Board

One area of the mathematics of complexity that has received a lot of attention for decades is that of fractals. These wonderful mathematical objects that repeat across spatial scales have been used to produce a wealth of beautiful art. We love collecting these pictures in our Fractal Art board on Pinterest so do follow it.

Digitising Chemistry Video

Check out this fascinating video from Chemistry World featuring Lee Cronin at his lab in Glasgow. Cronin is interested in the origins of life in the chemical realm. He identifies complexity with the appearance of unpredictable outcomes from very simple and predictable inputs. One of his key aims is to digitise chemistry to make the results of chemistry projects easily reproducible in other labs thus speeding up the exploration of chemical space.

Universal Basics Board

How did our Universe begin? What equations underlie its physical evolution? What powers our Sun and moves the galaxies? Our Universal Basics board on Pinterest looks at all of these fundamentals and much more. Learn about sub-atomic particles, the structure of atoms, and the standard model of the Universe using this great collaborative and graphical approach.

Giant Vortex Video

Most people will be familiar with the vortex that appears when they take the plug out of a bath but can this happen on a much larger scale? This footage taken in Lake Texoma last year shows such a giant vortex produced as a result of controlled draining to lower water levels. Vortices more generally are seen whenever a fluid rotates around an axis and can appear in everything from a stirred cup of coffee to a tornado. They play a big part in turbulent flow where unsteady vortices at various scales interact to cause chaotic motion.

Bombardier Beetle Chemical Cannon Video

Evolution has provided animals with a wide variety of defence mechanisms. In this video we see one of the more remarkable systems: the bombardier beetle’s chemical cannon. When it feels threatened the creature cooks up a brew of chemicals to boiling point then shoots it out of its abdomen at its assailant. The burning mixture is powerful enough to kill some adversaries, while sending others running away in pain.