Fractal Art Board

One area of the mathematics of complexity that has received a lot of attention for decades is that of fractals. These wonderful mathematical objects that repeat across spatial scales have been used to produce a wealth of beautiful art. We love collecting these pictures in our Fractal Art board on Pinterest so do follow it.

Amazing Insect Microsculptures

Commercial photographer, Levon Biss, decided to apply his techniques to extreme close ups of insects and the results are stunning. The microsculptures are made from 30 different parts of the insect photographed individually through a microscope. Each part required many images to be taken just 10 microns apart then overlaid. A finished image is made up of 8000-10000 photos! Click through to the Microsculpture website to explore a collection of 22 of these amazing images and zoom in close to see the brilliant details and colour achieved. The exhibition is currently running and has been extended to 29 January 2017 at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

Nautilus Shell – Nature’s Perfection

Art Prints

The nautilus shell is one of the best examples of the logarithmic spiral to be found in nature. It’s not surprising we chose one for our logo. Here the digital artist, Sharon Cummings, explores the inherent perfection of the adaptation. We think she’s done a beautiful job.