Moments In Complexity 2

Our second Moment In Complexity is another marine catastrophe. We see a lion’s mane and a blue jellyfish washed ashore and dying or dead but it isn’t only a catastrophe for the two jellies. Sea lice had made their home inside the jellies out in the cold North Sea. On the beach the parasitic lice are in trouble as well, emerging from the jellies, and struggling for water and ultimately new hosts.

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Moments In Complexity 1

Our Moments In Complexity series features short clips that capture a single simple moment in a complex system. It could be anything from a wave breaking on a shore to a cheetah chasing down its prey.

In the first video we see a blue jellyfish washed up on a beach in St Andrews. After surviving the perils of the harsh North Sea the moment of its death is in a seemingly idyllic environment. On the surface the jelly looks serene; it’s gently pulsating and glistening.

But as you watch ponder the catastrophic changes taking place inside the creature as its systems shut down until finally it is wholly dead matter to be recycled by other creatures and physical processes.